EbabAnonEbook02This is an intelligent and witty story, filled with small truths and observations about humans. Stuck in the treadmill of an office with an annoying boss and a fascinating co-worker, there’s the issue of erectile disfynction and a support group for said issue.
It would be hard to tell you anything more without spoiling it. All I can say is that I hugely enjoyed this story. The writing style is hugely entertaining, with great one-liners and situational comedy. I laughed all the way through it, yet, the story has some wonderfully warm messages, not sugar coated or sickening and therefor all the more powerful and poignant.
Laeser takes us on an enjoyable ride full of surprises and entertainment. A real page turner for me and one that I really want to recommend to you.

Enablers Anonymous



By now, everyone knows the name James King.

They see me on top of this block-tower pedestal, and it seems they’re all trying to knock it down, scraping away the lies I used to glue it all together.

I went from warehouse loser, worst employee of the month, to self-help superstar and media flavor of the month, using the tried and tested method—fake it until you make it.

What I made was a media monster. Now, an angry mob is at my door, wielding pitchforks and flaming torches, screaming, “Down with the Placebo Messiah!”

Ignore what the critics, and my absentee shoulder angel, tell you—I’m not all bad. Come in and help yourself to the complimentary food, but go easy on the coffee creamer or you’ll be up all night. It’s time for me to confess the true version of my story—I’m about to tell all.*

*including where to find the tastiest breakfast wraps in town.

nicolaeser2Nico Laeser is the author of Skin Cage (Winner of the 2015 Max Power Storyteller award) Infinity: An Anonymous Biography (Published in 2015) and Harmonic: Resonance (Winner of the 2015 Christoph Fischer Best Horror award)

His shorter works have been featured in various anthologies including You’re Not Alone (Published in 2015 with all proceeds going to the MacMillan Cancer foundation) and Holes (Published in 2015)

He writes across a variety of genres, and although each novel is unique to itself, they maintain a signature style, instantly recognizable by his readers. Upcoming projects in 2016 include: A dark comedy—Enablers Anonymous, part 2 of the Harmonic series—Harmonic: Dissonance, and more.

Aside from making strangers cry and having them thank him for it, he is also an accomplished artist and illustrator.