Another highlight of the festival

Llandeilo Litfest

Sunday April 30th
at 4pm
at the Horeb Chapel

Niall Griffiths

Image result for niall griffiths author Image credit: Literature British Council

is known, in his own words, for “blood and puke and thunder, and, of course, world-affirming torrents of poetic phrase and praise.” His most recent published novel, A Great Big Shining Star, “offers a bleak take on our appetite for celebrity and the new face of fame” (Independent Review) with great humour and sharp satirical bite. By the end of April he’ll have finished another novel, called Broken Ghost.

He kindly agreed to give us sneak preview read from the new book, as well as some examples of his provocative and entertaining writing. An event definitely for adults.
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“As reality TV shows and print and online scandal sheets demand ever more celebrities, it seems to be undergoing a process of hyperinflation. The word “celebrity” seems to be detaching itself from the mothership of fame…

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