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I listened to this on audio book and must applaud the narrator for his apt putting on of accents.

The book is a brilliant portrait of a quite unusual family and mother. Bipolar artist Rachel Kelly marries Quaker Anthony and moves to Penzanze with him.
Chapter headings form an introduction to each chapter, each giving a descrition of an item from an exhibition about the artist. It took me a while to understand the symbolism and metaphore of an exhibition of one life – what the spectator sees and what they cannot see, what is shown, told and implied. Phases of an artists creation, the juxtapose of biological and artistic creation and much more.
A very clever and accomplished novel that deserved all the praise it got.

On a different level, though. the novel is entertaining as it provides quirky and unusual characters, situations and storylines. Much insight into well developed characters is given.
The characters all have something, I could identify with many of them and found myself involved and invested very much.
The jumps in time and perspectives occasionally bothered me as I was taken out of one life that I enjoyed listening to, and was thrown somewhere else.
But like an exhibition, all the exhibits and pieces can come together in the end and make perfect sense.

Very enjoyable and elegant. The prose is beautiful.
Highly recommended.