I love a good mystery, and this one being set in Port Talbot, a town in South Wales that I know well, had a particularly great touch for me. It is also set in the 1970s, which, for me, adds greatly to the charm of the novel.
You’ve gotta admire the retired and very quirky amateur sleuth Stella Windermere for her attitude. She provides many smiles and laughs as she takes over another investigation from the clueless police. The setting is really authentic and most enjoyable, and the turns and twists of the plot did surprise me many times. There are some great characters in this, from quirky to dark, the dialogue is full of adorable Welsh idiosyncrasis and the novel oozes warmth and loveliness.
The case of the Polish sailor however is a complex one and gets more complicated when another murder occurs, taking the investigation up a notch. I thought many times I knew what was going on, only to be thrown off course again.
Cozy, entertaining and very addictive to this reader this is definitely recommended.
I loved it.

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Here’s the official blurb:

Port Talbot, 1970s.

When a body is found on the beachfront at Aberavon,  amateur sleuth Stella Windermere is intrigued. The police are confused as to the identity of the mysterious man. All they have to go on is an ID tag next to the body. When a well known member of the community is bludgeoned to death at a party, the mystery deepens. Quickly embroiled in the case,Stella finds that she has to use all her wits to capture the murderer, along with her new assistant, Joe.

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