piI download-9know it’s not strictly a bestseller when you don’t charge for your book, but check out these screenshots: Amazon does call this Bestseller Charts.

And: Even if you give it away for free, it’s nice to see that people want it and not snub you.


All the more important as the story and photos have relevance to the family of Ludwika, who are still trying to connect with their counterparts in Poland and want to find eye witnesses of their mother’s times in Germany.

If I have to give away the book for free to reach the biggest possible audience, then I will do so happily. Please share with your Polish fri15401040_10153855635382132_4255378386268465297_nHalina and Ludwika 15401001_10153855635352132_4477538078546115778_n 15326575_10153855635302132_4918281892429012435_nends.