In Praise of the Bees Cover MEDIUM WEBThis is a truly excellent read. Some of you may remember my interview with the author and my review of her book “The Hostage of Glenorchy (The Highland Ballad Series Book 1)”  

This book starts with a most intriguing set up – a woman recovering from stab wounds, nurtured by nuns in Ireland AD 590. A very difficult undertaking to portray this time realistically and authentically. Gleeson did a splendid job at that. I’m not normally one for historical fiction of that period, but the theme of bees attracted me to the title and I found this to be of high literary quality and depth.
How our heroine finds herself in the new environment and faces demons past and present, her marriage and the best way forward, in light of her own desires and god’s will.
There is much to enjoy in this read, written thoughtfully and with great reflections and perspectives on society. Symbolism, juxtaposition and character depth add to the many praises I have for the “Praise of the bees”. Maybe my recent interest in bee keeping has made me partial to pick up the book, but the author’s competence has won me over.
A marvel.

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