Today I’m pleased to present my review of N.A. Granger’s second book “DEATH IN A DACRON SAIL” . I already introduced to you earlier this year with my review of Death In a Canvas Chair

high-resolution-front-cover-4957203My review: I’ve come across this author on a different blog and immediately fell in love with her main character and her style of writing. Rhe Brewster is a busy woman, like in the first book, although there are some complications this time: She is pregnant, and the murder case she’s helping out on (not a pleasant one at that) has parallels to one in Rhe’s youth.
So expect a little more depth and darkness than the cosy mystery genre would usually serve. It works very well, however, since we’re getting more involved in the characters and get a lot more than ‘just’ the mystery.
There is humour and warmth that gets the reader involved and invested. I truly enjoyed this book and am glad that I have the next one on my desk already.
A very gifted writer and a series to watch.

From my interview:
Tell us about your Detective / main character.

Rhe Brewster is a complicated woman. She’s type A, smart and very organized, tends to leap before she looks (which gets her into a whole mess of problems), a loyal friend, mother who tries, an excellent nurse, and someone open to learning new things (she recently passed her police department exam). She didn’t recognize love until it knocked her on the head, she still can’t cook (much), she gets frustrated when she can’t figure things out, and she never listens to good advice when it concerns to her safety.

Who would you cast to play the characters in a movie?

I actually posted on my blog about just this: Thanks To All my Followers and Visitors During the A-Z Challenge: Character Pictures  and

N.A. GRANGER is a Professor Emerita at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. After forty years of research and teaching undergraduates and medical students, she decided to turn her knowledge of human anatomy to the craft of mystery writing. In addition to the Rhe Brewster mystery series (Death in a Red Canvas Chair, Death in a Dacron Sail), she has written for Death South and Sea Level magazines and the Bella Online Literary Review. You can find more of her writing and musings on her website: She lives with her husband, a cat who blogs, and a hyperactive dog in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and spends a portion of every summer in Maine.

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