Into The UnknownAn utterly charming and captivating WW2 story with a bit of romance, excellent characters and history.
The protagonists are a brave couple who meet during the beginning of the war and who face personal and professional choices to do their part for the war effort.
It starts in 1939 with Kate arriving in London on the day war breaks out, meeting pilot and alleged womanizer Charlie, who is a neighbour to the family she’s staying with. He asks her out and by doing that he forces her to decide what she wants to do with her life in the the UK.
Their relationship is influenced by these decision as well as by the war.
This reads easily, includes some scenes of sexual nature and is very enjoyable.
Something for everyone: lovers of romance and history will enjoy this the most.
Definitely worth a read.


Lorna Peel is an author of contemporary and historical romantic fiction. Her debut novel, ONLY YOU, a contemporary romance set in London, England, was published in 2014. INTO THE UNKNOWN, a World War Two romance also set in London, was published in 2015 and reached Amazon’s top 20 best sellers in 20th Century Historical Romance. THE IMAGE OF HER, a romantic suspense set in rural England about a woman’s search for her birth mother, was published in May 2016. NEW BLOOD, a romantic suspense set in a stately home in Yorkshire, England, will be published on 3rd November 2016. Sign up to her newsletter at: