“Kicker” is an amazing book about men and women who fought in Burma and India in WWII. Highly recommended tribute

Honoring veterans of all wars

Milton Caniff was called “The Rembrandt of Comics”.  He was born in Ohio in 1907 and became famous for his comic strips Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon. Starting in 1932, Milt drew the comic strips Dickie DareThe Gay Thirties, and Mister Gilfeather  for the Associated PressThen  in 1934, he was hired by the New York Daily News and started producing Terry and the Pirates, the strip which made him  famous.

Milton CaniffTerry and the PiratesCol. Cochran

Terry and the Pirates told the story of the adventures of a teenager, Terry Lee, as he grew to manhood seeking a lost gold mine in China. During World War II, Terry matures and joins the U.S. Army Air Force to become a pilot, and this is where the strips connection with a true war hero begins. Terry’s Air Force flight instructor was Major Flip Corkin who Americans came to know as a…

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