Who Shot Tony Blair?
My role in the Post-Brextonian Government as Secretary of State for Economic Relations – Fred Mincer

The PM has no idea what this job title means, but she was convinced by the endlessly persuasive Fred that he was the perfect man for the role. A celebrated local wordsmith, the PM and Home Secretary are long-time fans of Fred and completely powerless to refuse his eloquent requests.

Who Shot Tony Blair?


Chancellor of the Exchequer – Ian Risk

As the PM’s next-door neighbour, he seemed the perfect choice for the role of Chancellor. Before taking up his new role, Ian was a successful businessman and philanthropist, spending his free time indulging in his passions of classic cars, loud jackets and homemade damson gin.


Home Secretary – Vicky Kirby

Until recently, the PM and Vicky were receptionists at their local County Council offices. Great friends for many years, the PM cannot think of anyone better to oversee the activities of the notorious Cambridge Militia.


Foreign Secretary – Harry Cobeans

A kingdom the size of East Anglia has scant requirement for a Foreign Secretary, but Harry absolutely insisted on filling the role and immediately took himself off on a ‘fact finding’ mission to the south of France. He can be tempted back to Number 10 by large feasts and the occasional political disaster.

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