Lesley Hayes won my “Writer of the Year Award”, so I was dead keen to read her newest book. I finally got round to do so, and I was not disappointed.


The Other Twin-cover

The book explores deep connections between people and twins. Verity’s mother always wanted and expected twins, leaving Verity feeling empty or incomplete. When she mets Ned, maybe she has found that what was missing.
Complications are amass, with the family baggage that Ned brings along: his difficult and hateful daughter, his provoking teenage son, his mother….

The author’s background in psychology soon shines through every pore of this magnificent work of art, as we witness her un-layering the characters and keeping us at the edge of our seat trying to figure out what is behind the turnmoil.

A tempting, handsome stranger forces a choice on her – introducing yet another duality that runs through this novel. Symbolism, great metaphors and juxtaposition make this a psychological thriller with highest literary qualities.

Until the very end the story had me glued to the stunning finale. A page turner and an accomplished piece of literature.


“Trying to define love was like chasing a ball of mercury with your finger: as soon as you thought you’d touched upon its truth, it skittered off again and divided itself into multiple tiny versions of itself.”
Since childhood, Verity has been haunted by the dream of meeting her twin soul. Is such a thing even possible? She thinks she might have found him in Ned, but is he all that he seems? No one and nothing in this novel is as straightforward as it first appears, including Verity. Sometimes it takes other people to help us discover who we truly are, and the lengths we will go to when pushed. A psychological mystery with the notion of true love at its heart, The Other Twin explores the noxious legacy of suspicion, hatred, revenge, and duplicity – and asks of the reader: just who can you trust?


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Lesley Hayes was born in Deptford, in South East London, in 1948, and started writing almost as soon as she could talk. Her first story was published when she won a literary competition at the age of 13. Between 1966 and 1992 she was regularly and prolifically published in literary and women’s magazines, writing stories, serials and articles, and in 1986 had a novel published called ‘Keeping Secrets’. For the following two years she had a weekly slot on BBC Radio Oxford reading her short stories, and in 1999 a collection of linked stories called ‘Oxford Marmalade’ was brought out on audiotape, read by the actress Susanna Dawson. Her son and daughter, born respectively in 1969 and 1971, helped her throughout these years to keep her feet on the ground and her sense of humour alive and well and occasionally kicking. In 1990 she came to the conclusion that continuing to write about the fascinating vagaries of the human condition just wouldn’t be enough, and for the next four years she trained to become an integrative psychotherapist. Her long and successful career as a psychotherapist over the ensuing years took her away from fiction writing, but brought quite different rewards. It was a fork in the road she never once regretted taking, and she was aware of using many of same creative skills and insights. During the past five years the compelling urge to write fiction has again emerged, and she has given in gracefully to the inevitable return to her first love. Her novels ‘A Field Beyond Time’ and ‘The Drowned Phoenician Sailor’ are available on kindle, along with three collections of short stories: ‘The Oscar Dossier’,’Without a Safety Net’ and the aptly named ‘Not Like Other People.’ As you might expect, now that the genie has once again escaped from the bottle, more will soon follow.