Please avert your eyes if politics offend you. I rarely do this but issues such as immigration and tolerance are dear to my heart and my writing.
In the 1930s Germany slipped into fascism and nationalism – I feel something similar is happening to us now in first steps into that direction.
We all need to speak up to voice our dissent and fight these politics of hate

Never Cruel Nor Cowardly

I can’t remember a worse day in British politics than October 4th, 2016. Today ranked far below even last year’s general election, when 49 of my party’s MPs were defeated, and June 23rd, a date I thought had established itself as comfortably the worst domestic political event of my lifetime.

I have spent the day in a state of bewilderment, anger, disgust and despair at the way the Conservative government is dragging the country into a disgraceful mire. They claim to base this on a single vote, a vote to leave the European Union, that was decided on a knife-edge – a mere 1.3 million votes out of 33 million. On the basis of this vote, they claim to understand what “the public” wants, and even what it thinks. Just look at tomorrow’s Daily Mail front page, if you can:

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