Some of you have asked me why I suddenly decided to break into yet another genre and write a cosy murder mystery. That’s a very good question.

The short answer is: Because I had the idea.

The long answer is:

My partner is a devoted fan of crime fiction and cosy murder mysteries and turned me into a fan of the genre, too. At first, I only watched a few TV shows with him. I still preferred to read the high-octane thrillers and big dramas. However, he’s annoyingly good at determining who did it. Someone might appear on the TV screen for the first time and he’d say: He or she did it, and 9 out of 10 times he’s right. Gradually, I caught the bug of solving the riddles and observing how the shows are written.

Since the mystery books lie around our house en masse I picked more and more of them up and read them. I was surprised how much I liked them. With my senses heightened I saw them advertised on twitter and Facebook and began to devour the works of Amy Metz, Jinx Schwartz, Celeste Burke, Dianne Harman and Barbie Silkstone.

Writing a cosy mystery on the other hand was rather difficult and so the book was four years in the making. I learned that in this genre you can’t rely on action scenes and adrenalin kicking gore, yet you must keep the pace going fast and keep the readers guessing. It takes skill to invest in the red herrings and mystery elements and I realised just how accomplished many writers in the cosy genre are and how underrated in the public eye. Only after I had released two thrillers did I consider finalising the draft and have a go at publishing ‘cosy’.
I love that the genre allows for more colourful and flamboyant characters. Not quite a laugh-out-loud comedy, “The Body in the Snow” allowed me to explore the fun side of writing without losing credibility as a writer.

I’m still nervous about the release, but, if the readers find that I got it right, I will turn this into a series. I have ideas galore, now that the main characters are set up.

The Body in the Snow” is now available as e-book on Amazon on pre-order via these links:

For those who can’t wait, I have some ARC copies to give out.


Fading celebrity Bebe Bollinger is on the wrong side of fifty and dreaming of a return to the limelight. When a TV show offers the chance of a comeback, Bebe grabs it with both hands – not even a lazy agent, her embarrassing daughter, irritating neighbours or a catastrophic snowfall will derail her moment of glory. But when a body is found in her sleepy Welsh hamlet, scandal threatens.
Detective Sergeant Beth Cooper has a string of unsolved cases to her name. Her girlfriend left her and she’s a fish out of water in rural West Wales. Things couldn’t get much worse – until the case of the Body in The Snow lands in her lap. 

Can Beth solve the case and save her career and can Bebe make her comeback?  All will be revealed in this light-hearted, cosy murder mystery by best-selling and award winning historical and crime fiction novelist Christoph Fischer.

Bebe 1


Picture courtesy of Neil Deardon @Manchester Author Event 2016