download (9)I’ve had a busy summer working on my next two projects. “The Body in the Snow”, a cosy murder mystery set in Wales, and “Cayman Brac”, the sequel to “The Healer”, set on the Grand Cayman Islands.





“The Body in the Snow” is a light-hearted mystery in which the characters and setting should be more prominent than the actual murder case. Although I truly love those ‘Agatha-Christie-style-books’ with great twists and unexpected endings, I also enjoy those novels where colourful characters are the main attraction. This is my feeble attempt to take a break from the more serious writing and just have fun:

A faded singer and her desperate attempts for a comeback, a highly unprofessional buddhist/ lesbian detective, neighbourhood disputes, scandals and ‘keeping up appearances’ in a Welsh hamlet provide the ingredients for “The Body in the Snow”.
I’ve had the idea several years back in a snow-related blackout and had great fun creating the story over the course of three years. I hope to present the novel at the Tenby Book Fair,  September 24th 2016. 

healer cover for kindle
“Cayman Brac”  on the other hand is more of a thriller and finds Arpan (from “The Healer”) on Grand Cayman, where he has opened his training centre. Erica catches up with him in her search for the guilty party from book one. The story also brings in Ben Andrews, a character from my other thriller Gamblers readfreelyThe Gamblers”, so you have really two sequels rolled into one.
I hope to publish this book by the end of the year. For those of you who haven’t read “The Healer” yet, I have copies of the audio version to give away. Please leave a comment if you are interested or follow this link.

The book is currently nominated for “Book of the Month”. Feel free to cast your vote here. Thank You!



The Healer

When advertising executive Erica Whittaker is diagnosed with terminal cancer, western medicine fails her. The only hope left for her to survive is controversial healer Arpan. She locates the man whose touch could heal her but finds he has retired from the limelight and refuses to treat her.  Erica, consumed by stage four pancreatic cancer, is desperate and desperate people are no longer logical nor are they willing to take no for an answer. Arpan has retired for good reasons, casting more than the shadow of a doubt over his abilities. So begins a journey that will challenge them both as the past threatens to catch up with him as much as with her.  Can he really heal her? Can she trust him with her life? And will they both achieve what they set out to do before running out of time?