28361209I’m delighted to share my review of “Fava” by John Hazen. I am a abig fan of John’s work and was excited to see what he would make of the thriller genre. What I found is a action packed, fast paced and breath-taking polit-thriller. As another reviewer put it: “What an excellent story to read, especially in times of islamophobia and racial hatred.”
While 9/11 is the trigger for a revenge terror plot against Muslims, we meet enough ‘regular’ believers to see how things can be put out of perspective. Such is the genius of John’s writing that he brings this, perspective, into all of his work.
A journalist is a step ahead of the rest of the press when she discovers that the winner of a collossal Lottery jackpot is set to use the money to avenge his brother’s death in the Pentagon on 9/11.
The attempt to stop the act of terror involves a lot of action, drama and a lot of twists. I am impressed by John’s versatility as much as I was on the edge of my seat to find out how the story would come to its conclusion.
Character depth, solid research and attention to detail are a given with this writer.
As another reviewer put it:
“Setting the record straight on some wrong believes about Islam and Muslims on the way, this is an excellent polit-thriller, an engaging page turner with depth and a solid plot.
Highly recommended.”

JOhn HazenBio: John Hazen came to writing novels relatively late in life, but once he started he hasn’t looked back. He was born and raised in Massachusetts but has lived in the New York City/New Jersey area for the past forty years. Degrees from Rutgers, The New School and NYU buttress a lifelong passion for learning and a love of history. Inspired by Lynn, his wife of over thirty-five years, he pursued the dream of becoming an established author and is now working on his fifth book. John and Lynn love to travel, and the experiences of those travels find their way into his writing. John’s reading tastes are eclectic, ranging from histories to classic novels to an occasional piece of modern trash. His absolute “must reads” are Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and Doris Kearns Goodwin’s No Ordinary Time.

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