31236105Mystery meets comedy and action in this well-written and highly addictive drama. The narrator finds herself spying on her husband and waits for him under a bed where she expects him to cheat on her with another woman.
She is in for a big surprise and subsequent surprises. Interspersed in the events are snippets about the couple, how she met him at College and fell in love.
This is hugely enjoyable and a real page turner – and I don’t use this term often. I found it difficult to put the book down.

There is a lot of humour and self-deprication in this. Although the woman seems obsessive and goes maybe too far in her spying, she remains likeable and relatable throughout. This is a very entertaining story that I can only recommend.
Very impressive.

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When the most bookish, clumsy geek manages to bag the most handsome,
beautiful man on campus – the man that all the other girls would happily
have thrown their Kappa Kappa Delta sisters under the bus for – then it
can’t end well. But Maggie has beaten the odds and is ten years into her
marriage with Jack. However, the pages in the book of fairytales are
beginning to smolder and burn as she starts to question his fidelity.

Forced into action by her suspicions, and hindered by her over-sexed
mother and under-brained friend, Maggie embarks on a search for truth.
What she finds, however, is an adventure that throws her directly into
the claws of danger and will make her wish that infidelity was the only
thing she had to worry about.

Julie Hodgson Is now living in Portugal with her husband John, has traveled extensively all over the world writing for children. Working on the children’s page of the Kuwaiti times for about a year .Just before the first Gulf conflict in 1989. And the story tellers page for the Dumfries and Galloway standard, and the press and journal Banff Standard, plus numerous other papers and short story books to her credit. She has also been featured twice in the Portuguese newspaper Aponte.

Julie Hodgson now settles for a quieter life and has more time to write stories, and is in popular demand for storytelling and has visited many schools in Portugal. On Fridays the children are entertained by Julie’s stories on the local radio show, “Bom Dia “(good morning Portugal) on RTL 96fm in Portugal and is a great success with an avid following. When last interviewed on the radio Julie stressed how important it was for children to be able to read. She usually donates the proceeds from the sales of her books to charities.

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