Uvi is no stranger to my blog. I’m a big fan and am delighted to share my review of her latest masterpiece: 
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Like the rest of the series, this novel deals with the nasty disease that is Alzheimers’, a topic close to my heart and subject of some of my own writing. As with her other work, Uvi deals with the subject with grace, precision and depth. The result is one moving and evocative novel.
While facing the possible diagnosis of Alzheimers’ for Natasha, flashbacks tell the story of Lenny and Natasha: their time in besieged England during World War II, her work as entertainer for the troops, his work to thwart German intelligence and the many memories the couple share of that time.
Historically accurate this book adds a great deal of information about the time and place, bringing much more to the table than a tragic love story. Uvi writes in beautiful prose and balanced the tight line between sentimental and romance wonderfully. As one reviewer called it: This is “Literary writing at its best.”

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Dancing with Air
Dancing with Air is volume IV of Still Life with Memories, but you can easily read it as a standalone book. As a love story, it is unusual. Do not expect a traditional romance, one that is neatly sealed with a happy end. Life is more layered than that, and so is this story.
In 1970, Lenny prepares to take his wife to the hospital for an examination. It is then that he reflects on the months leading to D-Day. Back then, Natasha did the unimaginable. She came to his help when he was caught in an underground explosion, nearly sacrificing herself for him. He will forever see her in his mind, not the way she is now, but the way she was, riding the Harley, coming towards him out of a cloud of smoke, debris swirling all around her. He will remember her hand as she pulled him up to his feet, saving his life.
In the face of war, misery, illness, described in the past and framed by the present, Lenny and Natasha strive not for what is, but for what could be. Such is the power of their love. Such is hope.
Total Immersion in England of WWII era
To write the story with authentic historical detail, I went though meticulous research into many aspects of the WWII era– the garb and hairstyle of the time, the furniture and appliances, and of course, the timeline of events. But beyond all that, I was inspired by popular music of the time, to compose lyrics that will resonate not only with your memories but also with the mood of the characters. The lyrics add another dimension to the romantic feel of this book.
Here is an example:
Do I want you to stay
And be here by my side?
Only forever
Be my joy and pride
Would I let you leave me
If you say that you must?
Take my heart with you
‘Cause its you that I trust
Would I be counting the days
Till you’re back in my arms?
Only always
Enchanted by your charms
 0 dancing vv
Book description:
Upon leaving NY to serve on the European front, Lenny begins to long for Natasha. At first, he enjoys fulfilling his military task, which is to write bogus reports, designed to fall into the hands of Nazi intelligence and divert their attention from the upcoming invasion in Normandy. To fool the enemy, these reports are disguised as love letters to another woman. This task has to remain confidential, even at the risk of Natasha becoming suspicious of him.
Once she arrives in London, he takes her for a ride on the Harley throughout England, from the White Cliffs of Dover to a village near an underground ammunition depot in Staffordshire. When he is wounded in a horrific explosion—the largest to occur on UK soil—Natasha brings him back to safety, only to discover the other woman’s letter to him. Now, the one worry that lays heavily on his mind is this: Will she trust him again, even though as a soldier, he must keep his mission a secret? Will their love survive the test of war?
In the past Natasha wrote, with girlish infatuation, “He will be running his fingers down, all the way down to the small of my back, touching his lips to my ear, breathing his name, breathing mine. Here I am, dancing with air.” In years to come, she will begin to lose her memory, which will make him see her as fragile. “I gather her gently into my arms, holding her like a breath.” But right now, during the months leading up to D-Day, she is at her peak, ready to take charge of the course of their story.

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