14409555Today I would like to share another amazing work by a writer colleague of mine whose work has been on my radar for some time: John Hazen. Here is a link to my Interview with him and a link to my review of his novel Acaldama and Journey of an American Son

John Foster is a product of the ’60s. The question is: which ’60s? Leading a sheltered, cozy life growing up in the small town of Fairbrook, Massachusetts, John is plucked from his secure cocoon in 1969 and dropped into the maelstrom of the Vietnam War. As he witnesses and participates in the horrors of war, John literally feels his very soul, as well his will to live, eroding away. His redemption only comes after he is seriously injured and awakens to find himself in 1862 Tennessee where he joins General Grant’s troops in the days leading up to the Battle of Shiloh, one of the Civil War’s bloodiest conflicts. As his father, a decorated World War II veteran, had always told him, he discovers that it is possible to be part of something larger than himself. His humanity is ultimate restored after he embarks on a dangerous mission to make right a brutal wrong from his past.

My Review:
“Dear Dad” is a marvellously composed novel about war. I had expected a historical novel with patriotic undertones that would teach me about parts of American history I didn’t know about.
While that is also true, I found much more than that: a mature reflection on war and humanity, where naive dreams meet harsh reality.
Hazen gets a lot of milage out of the fact that he combines, compares and plays off against each other three different war time experiences.
John’s father’s time in WW2, John’s timein Vietnam and a surreal experience of the Civil War.
While the last part confused me at first, I soon realised the message that stands behind it all: whatever the individual circumstances of a war are, the weapons, the reasons and the setting: war is war.
Taking the uniqueness out of the equation leaves us with questions about purpose and humanity.
As I found with other work of Hazen, there is a lot of reflection in his writing, a depth and profoundness that warms the soul and provides a lot food for thought.
This is a great novel. Well written ,clever and unique. A must read.


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