Kevin and the Atomic e-cover

This story has its finger on the pulse of time. Set in the ten days following the UK’s Brexit vote (June 2016 – time of publication is July 2016) this is explosive stuff.
It depicts so accurately how divided the country is and how frustrated so many Remain voters, particularly the younger ones, are with the unexpected outcome.
Using members of a protest groups as main cast allows the author a great mix of odd characters and conflicts between them. We all know the type, now freshly frustrated with problems 48% of UK readers will be able to relate to.
Young love, rivalry and suspense round this into a rather splendid read.
This is not the first book I read by this author and it shines with great dry sense of humour, excellent mastery of English and characterisation.
This is a clever and enjoyable read that I would highly recommend RIGHT NOW.

Official Blurb:

What would YOU do if you were the most powerful single human being alive?

Kevin Taylor’s got problems.

His maintenance grant is being cut, the leader of his protest group has designs on Rachel (his far-too-pretty-for-him girlfriend), DC are retconning their universe again and the local bullies make a habit of standing on his specs.

To top it all, his beloved mum is sick and her long term busybody “companion” is constantly in his face.

And all he really wants to do is play Doom.

Despatched to London along with his streetwise best friend, Ricky, his orders are to pick up two secret packages donated by a pan-national group of hardcore Euro-revolutionaries. A massive demonstration is planned and the group need these to raise the stakes.

When Verna -a mysterious and alluring Polish freedom fighter – donates a mysterious third package that no-one expects nor knows anything about, Kevin Taylor quickly comes to realise that his problems are only just beginning.

And his life as he knows it, and the life of everyone around him, is about to change forever.

Other information: The story takes place over ten days in the immediate aftermath of the British public’s decision to leave the European Union and in the context of the consequently collapsing economy.

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