I’m a big dean of Eden’s writing and am delighted to finally present this review of her latest masterpiece

This is another well-done novella in the Lei Crime Series. Lainey-Lee, who recently got involved with a Navy Seal in Hawaii, is still full of fear and distrust. When said Seal Scott asks her to go on a cruise with him, she agrees, but her shield is still up.
All the more suspense is created when alternating chapters tell us of a hunky gigolo, planning to fool a woman he recently met.
While on board the ship, Lainey makes a new friend, while Scott’s behaviour remains distant.
This is a dark little tale of gamble and trust, love and money, attraction and deceit. The prose flows smoothly and given the novella-length, this is a quick and fast paced read. The suspense is kept well throughout while the characterisation is the main forte in this story.
The noir style of the Lei Crime Series continues in its beautiful fashion. Hugely enjoyable,intriguing and  compelling. Definitely recommended.

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Charade at Sea follows A Snake in Paradise and SEAL of a Monk. They are stand-alone books although I’d recommend you read them in order to understand the symbolism woven throughout.

Snakes and strength prevail in A Snake in Paradise, where I introduce the main character, Lainey Lee.

Dhamma and endurance weave through SEAL of a Monk, and introduces ex-Navy SEAL Max Scott.

In Charade at Sea, Lainey and Max meet again in Hawaii.  It’s a romance/mystery and tackles the important issue of stolen valor.


As always, huge thanks to award-winning designer, JB Graphics for his vision and hard work!


Charade at Sea

A luxury cruise is ideal for a budding romance … or is it?

Lainey Lee and ex-Navy SEAL, Max Scott, shared an incredible experience when they met in Kauai. A romantic cruise around the Hawaiian Islands seems perfect for discovering if they can become more than just friends.

But mystery abounds.

Lainey meets a fifty-something newlywed on her honeymoon. The chatty woman speaks highly of her husband and his secret missions abroad. Lainey is intrigued but her intuition tells her something is not right.

Even while her feelings for Max grow, Lainey can’t help wondering about the charade being played at sea.