AgathaChristieBookClubThis is a simply wonderful cosy mystery, for fans of crime fiction and – as you may expect – for fans of Agatha Christie novels especially. The romantic notion of her novels is set off against the trend for Scandi Noir. Larmer writes great characters, such as the heroine who auditions for the A.C.B.C.
There are lots of crime fiction references but the mystery itself is also well plotted.
Someone tells us in the beginning of the book that they joined the book club for sinister reasons. But who is this person?
We watch as the booc club slowly comes to life, always wondering who that person is and what is their motif?
This is a very enjoyable, witty and clever cosy mystery that should have no problem shifting copies and entertaining its audience.
Very good!


BIO: C.A. Larmer

The author of nine books, including eight self-published novels, Christina (C.A.) Larmer is an experienced editor, journalist and guest blogger with The Huffington Post. She was born and bred in Papua New Guinea, began her career in women’s lifestyle magazines and went on to run publishing bureaus in London, Los Angeles and New York. She now freelances and writes fiction from the Byron Bay hinterland of Northern NSW, Australia where she lives with her musician husband and two sons.

Now an Amazon best-selling crime writer with sales in excess of 40,000 e-books, her novels include The Agatha Christie Book Club, six Ghostwriter Mysteries, the adult fiction An Island Lost and the CALarmerBlogPicREDO_1non-fiction book A Measure of Papua New Guinea. She was recently featured at the 2015 Byron Bay Writers Festival.

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From my recent interview with Christina:

Tell us about the concept behind your books. How did you get the idea?

I used to belong to a very staid book club that took great pleasure in reviewing award-winning (read: dull-as-dishwater) novels that often left me yearning for the riveting crime novel by my bed. That real-life experience became the starting point for The Agatha Christie Book Club. In that book, two sisters decide to start a book club devoted to their favourite crime writer and, after gathering seven members, soon stumble upon a series of baffling mysteries. They decide to do as the ‘meddling Miss Marple’ would do, and investigate. Of course!