FRONT COVER The Seven Year Dress KINDLE(1) copy.jpgI’m a big fan of Paulette Mahurin‘s writing. Her values, her empathy and her ability to portray humanity in adverse situation – be that discrimination or illness.
Her telling of Helen Stein’s story is no different.
In the novel Helen relays this story to a writer, which enables us to get a second perspective on Helen. A very clever and heloful ploy.
Jewish Helen is friends with a gay man named Max, who is Aryan and gay and who becomes a Hitler Youth to ensure his safety. They both have a crushy on the same boy and they remain friends, even though the tides are turning against her and her family.
We follow Helen’s life through the times of the Third Reich, with background information about the changing political situation.
Mahurin has chosen a wonderful character with a great survival instinct. Her story is tragic, yet, her attitude makes it inspiring and remarkable.
Kudos to this astonishing achievement of handling such a delicate subject with so much class.

As with all my other books, the profits from this one will go to help get dogs out of kill shelters. To date in 2016 we’ve helped get 37 dogs out of kill shelters. See a few of their photos below. More to follow with the release of my book in a couple of weeks.

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Benji, a little cautious, in her new garden.