If Geoff writes half as good as he bakes cakes then you’re in for a real treat. Met the man at the Bloggers Bash and am highly intrigued about his latest work. It’s bound to be amazing, like the man himself. Go and check it out1


life in a grain final

So today my latest book is live! An anthology of short stories that will have something for everyone. It’s £0.99 as an ebook and as cheap as I can make it as a paperback, though I can do an author price if you prefer – mail me at glepard- at – saqnet-dot-co-dot-uk and we can sort out the best price. As with all my books the proceeds I receive go to charity.

You can buy it here.

And I’d like to say a huge thank you to Chris Graham and Esther Newton for their cover and editing input. Talk about skill and value for money.

3D Front LiaGoS

So, um, will you take a Punt?

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