Not a stranger to my blog: Linda Watkins – for those who like it dark. Award winning horror!

Jana Petken

C1cZmBDWpdS__SL250_FMpng_Linda Watkins doesn’t need me to tout her books. She is successful, highly popular in the Independent Publishers’ community, and she has won enough awards to fill a bathtub.

Her award winning series Mateguas Island first appeared in 2014, and since then two further books have been written about this paranormal, enchanted Island. Here’s more about Linda.

From Book 1: What could be more idyllic than to live on an island off the coast of Maine? That’s what Bill Andersen thought when he moved his family to Mateguas. But Mateguas is more than just pristine beaches nestled between rocky shores. No, Mateguas is really something quite different….

“Surprising twists and turns and a powerful old box filled with magic: these are the elements of a fine horror story that slowly builds its plot with believable protagonists and engrossing color…Any who like horror stories and gothic fiction will find Mateguas Island an…

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