I’m very excited to introduce author, Brenda Perlin. When I first connected with her, I admit she intimidated me … just a little. She was well read, über cool, and she had a wonderful network of friends and authors. Add to that — she is an incredibly beautiful woman, both inside and out.

Her book  LA Punk Rocker is ranked as the #1 BEST SELLER in both the PUNK and PHOTOJOURNALISM categories. I learned so much about the punk era by reading it.

I’m thrilled to finally have the opportunity to interview her, especially since the sequel, PUNK ROCKER drops May 15th!

Please welcome the lovely Brenda Perlin. You’re going to love her.

* * * *

It’s wonderful to have you here Brenda, tell us how your best friend would describe you in 20 words or less.

Quirky but loyal. Goofy but has a serious side. Someone you would want…

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