Thanks grandmapeachy for this generous review of my World War 1 novel “Sebastian” – today as needed as 100 years ago: “empathy for the poor people whose lives were disrupted by war”


Sebatian by Christoph Fischer coverSebastian is the second of Chris Fischer’s Three Nations Trilogy. The books are stand alone though they have a common theme. In this book Europe is in the throes of WWI and the setting is primarily Vienna, Austria.  The book begins when the main character, Sebastian, is still a youth in school. He is the son of a non-orthodox Jewish grocer. His father’s parents live with them and neither is in good health. The grocery store is the only support for the family. The book takes us well into Sebastian’s adulthood.

I really enjoy reading this author’s books. The family dynamics change as the war begins and continues for several years. The lives that the Austrians led during war time is excellently portrayed. The events and politics of WWI are well researched and actual events mentioned in the book are accurate. These events were written into the story with realistic impacts…

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