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Time flies and Rando will be heading back out to Greece again for his monthly stint helping refugees stuck in front of the gates to Fortress Europe.6595883_1461160050.5684

Nothing has changed for the better since last month and the humanitarian crisis is still as acute as it was then.

From Rando’s Facebook page:

“I will focus on helping individuals contacting the UNHCR and other authorities for family reunification and similar matters.
Over 50% of refugees in Greece are under 18 now.
Also planning on printing and distributing some brilliant ‘ dummy guides’ to European asylum and family reunification laws in English, Arabic and Farsi.

Another big problem is malnourishment and vitamin deficiency. Depending on how many funds I can raise, I will try to give out vitamin C and Multivitamin supplements to as many people as possible plus deliver fruit and vegetables to the 400 refugees now living in the recently occupied Plaza Hotel, which had been empty for years and local Greeks took advantage of squatting laws to open the building up for refugees.12814385_10153323290786035_5284797269598767203_n

I know I have been asking you for help again and again since last October and it hasn’t helped to change the overall situation, but the donations do make a difference to our fellow human beings, if our governments are breaking the most basic of democratic laws, the least we can do is provide those affected with the most basic human needs of shelter and food.

If you would like to help, please click the link below.

Thank you”


So far, Rando has raised almost £ 20,000 – all without fancy overhead costs, every penny goes directly to people in need. He has organised food, clothes and other amenities for those stranded and spends a large chunk of his time volunteering for other human beings. I am in tital awe of such humbleness and kindness. If I ever knew a better cause and way to do some good – right now I can’t remember it.

Please consider donating.6595883_1461160050.5684

For most of us the world seems full of important issues and over the death of iconic stars we start to forget the drama that still goes on in the refugee camps in Europe, the Balkan and the Mediterranean. I, too, have been busy with my life, my family and my book stuff and allowed my attention drift to other and admittedly less important issues.

Meanwhile lives are at stake and humanity suffers due to the lack of our and media attention. The lower numbers of refugees and border closures make some of us think that the problem is over, but many people are now stuck, separated from family and country and in legal limbos. 13048062_10208404675290166_5272267934972786208_o

Check out this note from Facebook which pulled me right back in:

Missing 14 year old Afghan boy in mainland Greece, his mother is in Sweden and is father stuck in Chios.
We are not sure how they got separated yet.


My friend Rando Wagner relentlessly marches on in his efforts for our fellow human beings. After spending time in Serbia and Macedonia to distribute food and clothes he just drove a van to Paris to hand out 1000 donated sleeping bag to people sleeping rough:


This is European 13094187_10153423946421035_3564084115077498792_nUnity,
A Croatian, a French, Norwegians, British and German working together to help those less fortunate regardless.
Text book distribution and team work.

“Just heading back after meeting wondrous volunteers to hand out sleeping bags to the refugees in Paris!! Shocking scenes…
…how grateful they were. 13012626_10153422553151035_6589288675296817579_nNo13051649_10153423946176035_2675939133458135437_ntrouble, (I) felt very safe … hoping for change! My volunteer work with the homeless has made me very receptive and comfortable in this confused environment. I felt very proud tonight to be part of this movement of love! Crazy times!”


And here is another shocking headline from the Guardian:

Refugee babies detained on Greek island ‘not getting adequate milk’

Asylum seekers being held in detention centre allege babies under six months old are being given just 100ml of milk a day

Rando’s immediate response:

“Guys and especially ladies with small children, you must be able to feel the horror these mother’s are living through more than the rest of us, if you want to support my friend Leslie, who will head out to Chios soon to get milk to those poor little ones, please donate to my GOFUNDME and reference the donation ‘CHIOS’.10552575_10153172633326035_6583060370321271734_n
I will then give the funds directly to Leslie to use specifically for this. THANK YOU

 please donate to OneHumanRace by clicking the link below.

Thank you


Check out this article about Rando’s last mission in Serbia.
where he was handing out  food, blankets and working alongside a local volunteer organisation. There is no big funding available and the aid groups are working with very little.