LightsofpolaristourbannerI’m overly excited to tell you about this new release. Melodie’s debut novel, “After Forever Ends” really touched me deeply. “Burning Down Rome” was equally well received. Through my interview with her we became close friends. Her books have, rightfully, found critical acclaim. I am delighted to offer you an excerpt and details of her giveaway.

The book starts with a great prologue that Melodie 1beautifully sets the reader up for the force that will soon become unleashed.  Melodie has a sharp observational talent when it comes to human nature and about what makes them tick. I wish I had a better memory so I could remember many of those fantastic one-liners.

Daisy leaves her fiance Dan and moves back to her family, but the past is not as easily forgotten or left behind sometimes. Melodie has created excellent characters – Daisy has a huge family, her brother is a musician and her sister is law from the Ukraine. A colourful mix!

Daisy tries to find her way in life, and she gets some help from Stuart, another musician, who has his own plate full – not least of all a case of dementia in the family. The issue of memories is central – holding on to them and moving on – something important for both, Daisy and Stuart.

Much is happening – the writing is exquisite and full of amazing imagery. Watch the force that is Daisy, watch her grow and find love.

A rewarding read of remarkable quality. Highly recommended.

Let me quote from another reviewer: “

The characters are all excellent – angry, alive, wild and wise; the author makes great use of metaphors and language.
In great literary fashion various themes are played off by different characters and their sub plots, for example: home – in its multitude of meanings (Natasha is from the Ukraine, Daisy just left her house…)
Normality is explored as it the importance of living in the moment versus in the past. The latter is particularly moving as one of the characters suffers from dementia
This is a rich and emotional read, full of hope and wisdom and strong female characters, a coming of age, a celebration of love and resolve. Just beautiful.”

Here is the official blurb:

“Lights of Polaris” by Melodie Ramone is a beautiful love story that revolves around Daisy Cade who likes to be free, which makes everyone think she is wild and carefree. But getting older day by day makes her realize that she is alone in a world that is rapidly passing her by. Though she wants to settle down with her fiancé Daniel, she is unsure about her feelings for him. She feels it’s not working anymore and she wants to stop fooling everyone into thinking she is happy in the relationship. She decides to flee from that life which she was faking and moves to Chicago. There she runs into Stuart Adkins. He is fascinated by her and does not want to let any opportunity to get to know Daisy Cade pass. It’s a story of pain; it’s also a story of survival, love, and redemption

Daisy Cade’s character is something readers can relate to and her confused state of mind and eagerness to be free are tangible. Stuart Adkins, the handsome Irish singer who has a lot of female fans, is also sketched well. Their chemistry is palpable and the author’s words and descriptions help readers connect with their feelings for each other. The combination of an enigmatic woman, a singer with a troubled past, and a revenge-filled ex-boyfriend gives the story a good edge. The dialogue and the writing style make the characters and the scenes vivid, and they come alive in front of readers’ eyes.”
— Mamta Madhavan, Reader’s Favorite
Throughout her life, Daisy Cade was a free spirit who tried to fit in, but her struggle to conform was futile. And it was suffocating her. Desperate for air, she would pack up and run, often leaving chaos in her wake. At the age of thirty, weary of being labeled a “wild child.”she descended into a loveless relationship with a man who targeted her with his insidious mental cruelty – a psychological abuse so overwhelming, it threatened her sanity.

On her thirty-fifth birthday, she fled that life, too.

She returned home to Chicago, safe in the refuge of her famous brother’s house, but reeling from the fallout of her latest breakup. What she didn’t expect was for her life to collide with Stuart Adkins, whose piercing blue eyes could see right through her and understand more than she wanted him to know.


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About the author:

melodie 3
First published in literary magazines at the age of twelve, Melodie Ramone is a lifelong writer from the city of Chicago, Illinois.
“Words, words. Pens. Ink. It’s always been this way with me. Sometimes my fingertips get sore and sometimes I go blind, but I’m never happier than when I’m writing or have my nose shoved in a book. I get cranky when I don’t have something to create or feed to my brain.”
A lifelong lover of music, she worked in the public relations sector of the music industry from the age of sixteen to twenty-four.
“I’m definitely punk rock in the core of my soul. It bleeds through in my writing. Edgy. Everybody says I’m edgy.” She shrugs. “I get it all the time and I’m sure my background in the music business has a lot to do with it. I grew up in the mosh pits, on sidewalks beside tour buses hanging out with guys in leather jackets and motorcycle boots. I learned about life there. I watched brilliant people create magic. I learned to understand the fine line of honesty and lies that blends into fiction and becomes something greater than reality, and I learned it from some very big personalities. All of my books are influenced in some way by that period of my life. Some more than others, obviously, but the feeling is always there. That attitude is either part of you or it isn’t. Some people can fake it, but when it’s genuine you never lose it.”
Melodie’s life has quieted since then. She is now settled into a four bedroom house on a shady street in Central Illinois and spends her time as a full time novelist, Certified Kitchen Witch, mother, public speaker, event organizer, stray cat rescue advocate, and community activist.
“I wear many hats.” She grins. “I’m always busy, but if you ask me I’ll tell you my official title is ‘International Dudette of Leisure.’ Why? Because everything I do, I do with joy or I don’t do it.”
You can communicate with her through her website: or catch her on Twitter @Melodie_Ramone.

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She walked into a dark, empty, somewhat too-hot apartment and dropped her keys onto the table beside the front door. She kicked off her pumps and padded down the hall to the kitchen where she stepped in something that Daniel spilled on the floor and didn’t bother to clean up. Her panty hose adhered to the tile. She peeled them off, feeling like the goo on the bottom of her feet was a metaphor for her own life.
The hose got tossed into the machine with the rest of the laundry that never seemed to get done. She returned to the kitchen and didn’t bother to clean the sticky spot because she saw no point. Warming up yesterday’s coffee in the one clean coffee mug she had left, she wandered into the living room and collapsed onto the sofa. She stared at the ceiling, wanting the painful, empty spot in her soul to stop nagging.
You’re still young, but you’re getting older. It’s your birthday. Another year rolled by like rain off a window pane. You live with this guy, but you’re all alone. You’ve been alone the whole time. You’re thirty-five years old. Your father died at thirty-five.
She froze. In a moment of complete clarity, it struck her that that painful, empty spot was not empty at all. It was her life and everything in it, nudging at her ribcage, rearranging her organs. A volcano on the rise, pressing from the inside out. Laughing at her, tearing her apart and waiting for her to die.
Death, she thought to herself, takes too long. Deep inside, beneath and behind that empty ache, I want to be alive. I want the hurt to stop.
I can’t do this anymore. I can’t fake my life.
I’ve known it from the beginning. I even know what I can do to stop, but before I’m willing to admit the truth, or sort out the consequences if I do it, the front door swings open and he says, “Hey! You home?”
And then the feelings vanish just like that. They’re shoved down into the void of my soul only to return tomorrow, but are momentarily replaced by the duty to sit up and hide the truth. I can’t stand him, but I smile and pretend to be happy to see the person I hate more than anybody on Earth, the guy I’ve dated for five years and lived with for three. The one I’m supposed to marry.
What the hell happened to my head?
I don’t want this. I’ve got to figure this out before it’s too late. I gotta get out of here.
She sat up straight.
I do have someplace I can go and I’m going there. I’m not going to die here. He’s not going to kill me from the inside out.