Featured Image -- 8482“Ghostbird” by Carol Lovekin was an amazing find for me. I met Carol last year at the Tenby Book Fair and took an immediate liking to her charming nature. When she launched her book in March, I drove to Aberystwyth to witness it.
I a;ready had a good feeling about the book but me and my partner were both unprepared for the immediate impact the book had on us when Carol read from it at the event. We both looked at each other during the reading and nodded in agreement: This is good!

The book concerns a young girl who tries to solve the mystery around her father’s and her sister’s death. Her mother refuses to tell her the truth, her aunt is not allowed to tell her. There is village gossip, personal development, love, forgiveness, witchcraft and the Ghostbird. I would describe the character of the novel as quirky, deep and entertaining.

Lovekin writes beautiful characters who will find a place in your heart in no time. To describe them would almost be a disservice to the distinct voice that is Carol’s. When someone writes “strong women” that statement can mean too many things and it wouldn’t quite fit what Lovekin does here.gate 14 large - Copy
The girl has been described as feisty and determined, but she is much more than that. Old secrets have a tendency to come out in the wash, what people run away from comes back to haunt them and nobody is too old to come of age – that is but a few of the things I take with me from this novel.
The Welsh setting is wonderful authentic, wrapped in warm and loving observations.

This is a rich novel with plenty of substance, written in a unique style and great use of language.

Highly recommended.

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gate 14 large - Copy

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Carol Lovekin was born in Warwickshire. She has Irish blood and a Welsh heart, and has lived in mid Wales for 36 years. She has worked as a cleaner, a freelance journalist, a counsellor, a legal secretary and a shop assistant. She began writing with a view to publication in her late fifties has published short stories, reviews and is a prolific letter writer. She has been blogging for over nine years. Ghostbird is her first traditionally published novel.