Nobody writes Dracula quite as Shane KP O’Neill. He’s rebranded his amazing series  and tells you how and why in this interview. Highly recommended reading – blog and books!

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On social media in recent years, I have seen your books as The Dracula Chronicles. Now you have abandoned that project. Can you say why?

     There are three reasons why I have elected to do this. I have an excellent team working with me, and we have discussed at length the best way forward for my project. Firstly, I believe people have a pre-conceived notion of who or what Dracula is because of the movies with Christopher Lee, and I felt using the name Dracula in my series has proven more of a hindrance than a benefit. So, I wanted to drop Dracula from the name of the project. Secondly, because I was writing my series in two separate arcs, one with Dracula the man and the other with Dracula the vampire, I had released Books #1, #2, and #6; Book #6, Bound By Blood, being the first of the vampire books. Many people found this confusing so we thought it better to split these into two separate series so that Bound By Blood will now become Book #1 of the second series. The third reason is because another writer chose the exact same name for his series, after me, and I want no association whatsoever with him or his work.