940923_428940550629830_8691308248706852149_nI’ve been somewhat quiet of late on here about my own books and projects, and I was so for a good reason. Organising The Llandeilo Book Fair has taken up a lot of my time and I shall be getting even busier in the next few weeks in the run up to the event, promoting it in the real and in the cyber world. For those of you living in Wales, I would love to see you there on April 30th! It’s a beautiful town and there’ll be over 20 great writers exhibiting their work.

images (22)In other news: I’ve just sent my latest project off to the beta readers: It is a silly murder mystery, set in the UK countryside download (9)during a heavy snow fall.
I’ve worked on this book since 2012 when I was snowed in and cut off from civilisation for several days. It’s taken many attempts and a lot of pep talk to finally finish it. Now I’m nervously awaiting the verdict as this is my first attempt at comedy and at “cosy”, and quite a big step out of my comfort zone. Fingers crossed that my test audience thinks this is good enough for me to keep working on it. I had a great time writing it, but humour is very personal and am not sure it is the right book for me to publish. Maybe I’ll do it under a pen name…

Also in the pipeline in a charity project inlogo-main aid of the Santa Paula No Kill Animal Shelter in California http://www.santapaulaarc.org/. You all know how much I love dogs and this shelter does such amazing work, that I decided to release my next book in aid of them.
My new novel “African August” will be part of a multi-author box set, which will include work by the amazing Nathan Squiers, DeAnn Townes, Gillian Joy and Robert Warr.
web-WARD_Trekking up BwindiMy novel is an adventure story, a part thriller, part drop-out fantasy and is also very close to my heart.
I wrote it in 2011 while still working for an airline, using a lot of my travel experiences in Africa.
It is about a British lawyer who packs in his job and goes to Africa to do some good and have some adventures.

The book is in the final stages of editing and we’re hoping to release it this spring.


Billy quote LAPunk_FullCVRI’ve also contributed two short stories about my youth to a sequel to LA Punk Rocker. That bok was one of my favourite reading pleasures last year and brought back a lot of rebel memories. I am thrilled to be published in the same volume as Brenda Perlin and Alan Wynzel. I hope the anthology will hit the shelves in May.

In August I will be attending an author event and book signing 12042713_10209575478331614_4234959106488990492_nin Manchester – where you have another opportunity to meet me https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hKGVjhhJDCYHUUy38OUzdB8SiGyhXds3qCdVDCLZWfU/viewform?fbzx=5943412570039297000

In September I will be attending my first Writer’s Conference with the Historical Novel Societyt in Oxford.

A busy few months ahead…

So how have you been?