The GPO, Mount Street Bridge, The South Dublin Union these are names that resonate when it comes to Easter 1916 as the battlegrounds for what became Padraig Pearse’s ‘glorious failure’.

However, for some quirk of history, the success that took place in the sleepy town of Ashbourne, Co Meath, during the Rising has been largely ignored by the general public.

On April 24, Easter Monday morning, Commandant Thomas Ashe received orders from James Connolly to send 40 of his 5th Fingal Battalion to the General Post Office, in Dublin, to help fortify it. Also contained in his orders, were instructions for Ashe to raid nearby barracks, thereby, hopefully, locking down Crown forces and relieving pressure on those fighting in the city.

Thomas Ashe Commandant Thomas Ashe

Ashe sent 20 men to the rebels’ headquarters at the GPO and kept the remainder for the barracks attacks. It would prove to be a…

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