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The Internet has been buzzing lately with news relating to the placement of our Table of Contents. Specifically, Amazon is now requesting that we place it at the beginning, not the end of our ebooks.

Has the company lost its marbles, as some claim?

Sadly, no. Scammers have been making millions off Amazon – and off any author enrolled in Amazon’s KDP Select program.

The KENP Scam

Authors know that when Kindle Unlimited was first launched, we were paid “by the borrow.” It was similar to a sale (on sales, we were paid 70% of list cost on books priced between $2.99 and $9.99), except now we were paid out of a general fund instead of a set percentage.

But Amazon changed that payment method from “per borrow” to “pages read.” Not pages written, but how many pages a reader actually reads.


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