Closing date: 15 March 2016 12278763_10153129310976035_2121543993755429732_n

If you live in or near London and would like to help the refugees in Europe here is your opportunity:

One Human Race is excited to announce the second aid delivery by road from London to Berlin. This mission will see a van full of your donations departing next month to Tempelhof Airport Shelter and the recently opened world’s first gay refugee shelter ( for security reasons it was opened at an undisclosed location in Berlin last week.. )

So this time we’ll happily take any of your skinny jeans and designer t-shirts off you. 12321462_10153149270281035_2723815814462938974_n

We have rented a storage unit at Clapham North again, the staff will receive mailed and donations dropped off in person, please make sure to address it to Rando .

Safestore Clapham
4 Timber Mill Way
Off Gauden Rd
London SW4 6LY
T: 0207 720 1661

Due to lack of storage space both in London and more importantly in Berlin only donate items from the list below please.12341421_10153143897486035_2211701631372594144_n

Men’s jeans and trousers ( especially smaller sizes)
Men’s pyjamas
Socks (new)
Underwear (new)
Men’s t-shirts
Men’s gym shorts and tank tops
Men’s trainers and shoes
Men’s shorts
Non dress /casual shirts
Gym style bags/backpacks

(More men’s items as we are catering for the gay male market as well this time)
Gym bags1526573_10153170793231035_946839829281332454_n

Ladies new underwear
Ladies new socks
Ladies bras
Ladies shoes and trainers

All new/unworn clothing apart from small children and babies

Baby strollers
Suitcases and large travel bags10341515_10153172633206035_942482175605773734_n

Alternatively, please donate to OneHumanRace by clicking the link below.
Thank you

So far, Rando’s GoFundMeCampaign has raised £ 12,500, all of which has gone directly to benefit the refugees: No unnecessary overhead costs or fancy expenses. But much more is needed to provide the victims of war and terror with the bare necessities for survival and save the loss of more life, wherever this person was born.