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Rubber Fence ebook cover

I just released my new novel, THE RUBBER FENCE, general fiction / contemporary women, inspired by my work on a psychiatric ward.

Book blurb:

It’s 1972. Women are breaking out, families are breaking down, and men are trying to hold on for the ride.

Dr. Joanna Bereza is a psychiatric intern who wants to have it all: a career, a loving marriage, and a family, but her passion to do what’s right sets her against a system that’s as stuck as the people it treats.

On ward 2B, Joanna becomes obsessed with the treatment of two women: a mute young mother suspected of trying to kill her baby and a feisty old woman who’s been through the mill one too many times.

Blinded by her obsession, Joanna not only neglects her own husband, but in trying to stop her patients from getting shock treatment, she also puts her career…

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