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Rando and his friend Itzel will be heading out to Serbia on 6.03 to help refugees in Presevo on the border with Macedonia.
Check out this article about Rando’s last mission in Serbia.
They will be spending one week distributing food, blankets and working alongside a local volunteer organisation. From previous experience in Serbia, there is no Lesvos style funding available, so the aid groups are working with very little.

To help purchase as much food and water to give to the ‘lucky’ refugees that managed to get through Macedonia without being pushed back, please donate to OneHumanRace by clicking the link below.
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So far, Rando’s GoFundMeCampaign has raised £ 12,500, all of which has gone directly to benefit the refugees: No unnecessary overhead costs or fancy expenses. But much more is needed to provide the victims of war and terror with the bare necessities for survival and save the loss of more life, wherever this person was born.

Here is a bit about his cause:

12208626_10153176198846641_7816030940353918374_nWell documented fighting in the Middle East has displaced 11m human beings in Syria alone, many more in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rando’s GoFundMeCampaign was founded to support these fellow humans in need in their legitimate yearning for peace and shelter.
Rando has begun his campaign by collecting over a ton of winter clothes and delivering them to a refugee camp in a derelict Airport building in Berlin.12510243_10153225553606035_6647490167915554275_n

He has also sourced 4,500 socks and shoe supplies for the camp – all urgently needed in the freezing temperatures in Germany and on the Balkan.


The ‘Berlin Airlift’ part of his operation has found flight crew and other volunteers who take them to the camp in Berlin.
Rando also spends about a week each month helping the refugees hands-on in Lesvos and other hot-spots on their journey to Europe.

After their arrival on rubber boats from Turkey the refugees have often nothing more than the bare necessities on them and need dry clothes, shelter, food and information. They also need transport from their landing point to the arrival camps. This help is being provided almost exclusively by volunteers like Rando who donate their spare time and own money to help our fellow human beings.Europe-migrant-Greece-media-040_m
Rando supports Moria, one of the refugee camps on Lesvos, with direct cash injections.

This is where people are held during the slow registration process, often under harrowing, life-threatening harsh conditions. Moria’s monthly running costs are over 40,000 Euro and they are struggling to keep everyone warm, clean and fed.