The Nile Conspiracy-Inge H Borg“The Nile Conspiracy” by Inge H Borg is another strong effort in her exciting and fresh “Legends of the Scarab” Series. While I’m not usually a fan of conspiracy thrillers, this one touches on a real issue: the sharing of water and natural resources. A previous book in the series was set in an apocalyptical world and opened questions of how the future of humanity might be shaped.
With her finger so tightly on the pulse of time the story had me at ‘Nile’ and never let off.
Political agendas, archaeological and personal interests come to play. The story itself is really good. I’ve warmed to the characters as much as I have grown fond of the skillful way in which Borg uses language. Highly intelligent and gripping this is one of her finest.

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Highlights from other reviewers:

“What a timely novel. Just this week I read an article in the Economist about the complexity of the sharing of the Nile between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. Borg has picked a hot topic for her fifth book in her series. While other authors repeat a formula in each of their books, Borg takes her characters and story to different types of adventures and genres.”

“Underneath the excellent and explosive plot are more profound moral and ethical questions about culture and humanity”

“Borg’s narrative is eloquent, witty and stylish; her characters are memorable and there is a great balance between ironic detachment and powerful dramatic involvement.”

The Nile Conspiracy

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Imagine the mighty Nile running dry due to human interference. Impossible? Only too soon, this very threat may become a devastating reality.

Riveting adventure and international intrigue find Naunet and Jonathan Wilkins back in Egypt where the construction of The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam portends a catastrophe of biblical proportions.

Amidst their struggle to save an ancient site, the archaeologists are caught up in a dangerous conspiracy. Their explorations become a death trap when the desperate Egyptians decide to turn a huge secret underground labyrinth into an emergency reservoir.

Will the combined recklessness of two governments explode into the annihilation of its people?

In The Nile Conspiracy, several characters, good and evil, from the series’ preceding volumes are once again pitted against each other, the elements, and time. Borg captures the struggles of an economically depressed Egypt by skillfully combining the challenges of her post-apocalyptic world with the awe-inspiring legends of an ancient culture.

One can only hope that the terrifying events in this novel remain a figment of Borg’s imagination.

 Borg weaves the construction of a monster-dam being built by Ethiopia into her premise of her new exciting action tale. The dam is a very real threat to Egypt’s future water supply, as it will take the Blue Nile five years to fill the enormous catch basin.

When diplomacy fails, somebody needs to do something about it; and who else is better suited than Borg’s protagonists?

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