Another star in the blog-o-sphere: How the Cookie crumbles!
Interview with Teresa Karlinski

Cathleen Townsend

January2015Teresa is one of my writer friends that I met through Blog Battle. I’ve enjoyed her contemporary shorts, and I highly recommend you check them out on her blog, How the Cookie Crumbles. Teresa lives with her cats Dickens and Lady Gaga in Ontario, Canada. She is a grandmother and a student of life with a passion for cooking. Although retired, she’s annoyed with her overwhelming collection of books and lack of time to read them. Her daily life consists of writing, reading, and blogging.

I can totally relate to that last statement. Sometimes I feel like writing is my life. Everything else takes a back seat at times.

I am tickled to be here. Thanks so much, Cathleen, for this wonderful opportunity. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

 *shakes hands* Tell me about your most recently published work?

I had a Christmas story published last month in Halcyon, an…

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