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Humanitarian crisis in Europe and the Balkans


“When Verdun was bombed, volunteers took initiative to help rebuild what was destroyed. Today we are facing an increasing worldwide refugee crisis, volunteers are taking initiative to provide first aid.
In Verdun it was a statement of International brother-sisterhood that German and French volunteers joined hands. Today we need to make a statement for a humane society, that has time and space for victims of war.”


12006161_10153799151596412_9078747690051069618_nimage by Hana Alhady

Refugees in SCI blog is being run by Yahu, our friend, activist and board member. Together with other volunteers, he is helping refugees at the border in Macedonia, in Tabanovci.

Here you can read volunteers stories from the border:

If you want to support or join them as volunteer, here you can find more info:

More about SCI work in refugee crises:

Building bridges initiative:

Scarfs, not Borders –  initiative from VCV SCI Serbia,-no-borders

We are very glad that SAVA WG imidiatelly supported the Volunteers’ House at the border in Macedonia. Schuler Helfen Leben (Foundation from Germany) had published a call for emergency actions, through which we got funds for the next three months. So, the volunteers’ house is secured for some period. We are still working on fundraising, but also awareness raising.