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My friend and relentless 12661919_10153243032696035_8866262404058154410_nvolunteer on the on-going refugee crisis Rando Wagner spent the last few days in Berlin.

An entire airline crew took much needed winter clothes as their luggage allowance, to be delivered to the refugee camp at the former Berlin Tempelhof airport building.

Then he normally uses money from the donations made to his GoFundMe Campaign to buy food for the camp. On this occasion he didn’t have to. This lot of food was paid by donations that Aisha Ali Fahad received for the purpose. 12642905_10153243032936035_6464315380888438772_n
Aisha Ali Fahad, Tracy Peck and Steve Christensen, were great shopping assistants and were able to have a glimpse and walk around the Asylum shelter at Temlelhof Airport, day ended with a traditional meal in multi cultural Berlin, at the friendly Neighbourhood Turkish Restaurant.
Rando’s GoFundMeCampaign https://www.gofundme.com/humansasone

12004867_10153243032421035_5393061974056370684_nwas founded to support our fellow humans 12278763_10153129310976035_2121543993755429732_nin need in their legitimate yearning for peace and shelter. Rando has collected over a ton of winter clothes and keeps delivering them to Berlin. He sourced 4,500 socks and shoe supplies for the camp – all urgently needed in the freezing temperatures in Germany and on the Balkan.

The ‘Berlin Airlift’ part of his operation has found flight crew and other volunteers who take them to the camp in Berlin.

Rando also spends about a week each month helping the refugees hands-on in Lesvos and other hot-spots on their journey to Europe.

After their arrival on rubber boats from Turkey the refugees have often nothing more than the bare necessities on them and need dry clothes, shelter, food and information. They also need transport from their landing point to the arrival camps. This help is being provided almost exclusively by volunteers like Rando who donate their spare time and own money to help our fellow human beings.Europe-migrant-Greece-media-018_m

Rando supports Moria, one of the refugee camps on Lesvos, with direct cash injections. This is where people are held during the slow registration process, often under harrowing, life-threatening harsh conditions. Moria’s monthly running costs are over 40,000 Euro and they are struggling to keep everyone warm, clean and fed.12047175_10153087038371035_6789478970721870625_n

So far, Rando’s GoFundMeCampaign


has raised over £ 10,000, all of which has gone directly to benefit the refugees: No unnecessary overhead costs or fancy expenses. But much more is needed to provide the victims of war and terror with the bare necessities for survival and save the loss of more human life. Please consider donating. Thank you!