12510243_10153225553606035_6647490167915554275_n944066_10153225554316035_4563125752170754107_nURGENT REQUEST FOR MORE VOLUNTEERS IN LESVOS

Have you seen people’s posts about them helping refugees or watched documentaries on tv, thinking I would like to give it a go, but have no idea who to contact or where to start?

Well you can join Fred Morlet and his team in Lesvos! Help is needed NOW! Winter conditions are making survival of the refugees more difficult every step of their way and people are needed to get the arrivals dry and warm, direct them to the camps and tidy up the beaches. Please consider helping or sponsoring those who do.12401016_10153225553896035_5029629315806260813_n 12565526_10153230051696035_4137093235545013856_n

This is his Facebook group:



Best quote from my friend and relentless volunteer Rando Wagner this week: “Everybody needs to (re)read Anne Frank’s Diary or just her biography in Wikipedia, the family wasn’t granted asylum in the UK…”

Click here to support his gofundme campaign https://www.gofundme.com/humansasone

Rando was in Lesbos for the last few weeks. Due to weather conditions access to the North Coast severely restricted, so it was toilet cleaning at Pipka Camp instead. It’s amazing what the human spirit will do for other people.12552770_10153224515211035_1199322816796672198_n

Another thanks to Rando’s donors for helping to buy 2 tons of fire wood for Moria Camp and Better days for Moria, Elena Moustaka, is doing an amazing job trying to improve conditions there! Fixed running costs are €40.000!!!! Without the cost of providing food! Also some new West Ham fans very happy with the scarves we handed out!

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