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This book was written by
Christopher Fischer.
Published 2015.

Finland,1918 ~
Civil War
follows 3
for 30

Won’t you want to read about
two men of differing
political views,
one female
who cares?

Christoph has also written,

~ “The Luck of the Weissensteiners”
Three Nations Trilogy: Book 1.
Misguided love and marriage
surviving the Holocaust’s
effects upon lives.
Wilhelm and Greta.

is the main character
in the second book of series,
Three Nations Trilogy: Book 2.

~ “The Black Eagle Inn,”
Three Nations Trilogy: Book 3.
Family restaurant story,

~ “Time to Let Go,”
Modern times,
British family saga.

~ “Conditions,”
Set in British
South coast,
Family dynamics,
Sibling rivalry,
after death of a mother.

~ “The Healer,”
Time is of the essence,
Erika has pancreatic cancer,
Seeking a…

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