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20151219_EUP002_0Here is my Christmas Appeal for the refugeecrisis that won’t go away. As it is the season of goodwill, love and generosity please read on. Even though things are getting better, there are people on our doorstep that need help. Here is an article on the never ending queue for images (24)registration and finger printing in dreadfully cold conditions. Where administration fails, volunteers and businesses are ready to step in. Much more is needed, though.


Click here to fund my friend Rando  Wagner https://www.gofundme.com/humansasone

Van ready to go to Berlin with just over 1000kgs of donated clothing! Thanks for all your help Raz Hussain! Safe journey and see you there on Thursday!

He delivers clothes to Berlin and Greece and volunteers in Berlin, Serbia and Greece to help with the care for the refugees. He also spends your donations on food and other much needed items. No overhead costs, every penny you spend goes directly to the people in need. Check out my many blog posts on Rando’s exemplary humanitarian work.

This is from Canada, Justin Trudeau’s Xmas message:
We often celebrate this time of year by showing our generosity to family and friends. I trust that we will do the same with the thousands of people who are experiencing the Canadian holidays and the Canadian winter for the first time – the Syrian refugees. After all, we share values of love, hope, and compassion. It’s what we do and it’s who we are.’


In other news, to remind you that we are talking about humans just like you and I:

A group of Kenyan Muslims travelling on a bus ambushed by Islamist gunmen protected Christian passengers by refusing to be split into groups, according to eyewitnesses.



IF ANYONE IS LOOKING TO HELP AND MAYBE THE FRONTLINE IN GREECE SEEMS A BIT DAUNTING, BERLIN ‘TEMPELHOF HILFT’ IS OPENING TWO MORE HANGARS UP FOR REFUGEE ACCOMODATION! 2000 MORE PEOPLE! Kate and her team are grateful for every pair of hands in the ‘Kleiderkammer’ ( sorting and giving out donated clothes to the residents), you can join them for 2-3 days or longer!
Comment here so I can get you in touch with Rando.
or join:



‘Unpredictable’ was once again the best word to describe the refugee crisis, after a calm night yesterday, today was very busy and the atmosphere much more desperate , coming across a 12 year old Yazedi boy, who was the smiliest, friendliest young guy, and his brother who was apparently 19!
I didn’t dare ask why they were in Berlin without their parents!

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This is from a post abotu Rando on Facebook – scroll down to the automatic translation to get an idea just how appreciated this man is with his exemplary humanitarian spirit:

Рандо Вагнер. Приходишь волонтерить и никак не ожидаешь, что окажешься рядом с человеком, приехавшим на два дня из Лондона. Вот, говорит, решил помочь здесь до утра. Завтра улетаю. Из Лондона он приехал не просто так, а с целым грузовиком одежды и других вещей для беженцев, которых разместили в бывшем аэропорту Темпельхоф.

Рандо – немец, много лет живет в Англии. В Англии беженцев нет, однако репортажей и разговоров достаточно. Реакция у англичан на нынешний кризис разная, конечно, как и в Германии. Рандо написал у себя в фейсбуке, что организовывает помощь беженцам, и за три дня ему перечислили пару тысяч фунтов. Деньги продолжают поступать, люди хотят помочь. Рандо собирает пожертвования и едет туда, где нужна помощь.

Он дважды был в Греции на Лесбосе, куда на надувных лодках прибывают беженцы; он помогал в Сербии, перевозил людей через границу. Bидели по телевизору репортажи, как беженцы идут километровыми колоннами? Вот из таких колонн Ранго брал в машину женщин с детей, больных, ослабленных. Спросил пограничников: сколько можно перевезти в машине через границу? ему ответили: сколько возьмешь. Иногда вмещалось по девять человек.

Для Берлина он собрал грузовик вещей, среди которых – в частности – около тысячи шарфов от лондонской команды по американскому футболу. Я это упоминаю, потому что яркие цветные шарфы вызвали у молодых ребят-беженцев особый интерес, Рандо был очень доволен. Я прикреплю фотографию с этими шарфами.

У него заразительный темперамент. Он быстро реагирует на любую просьбу, любую возможность помочь. Под утро, когда волонтеры с чаем-кофе уже ушли, один из беженцев подошел к нам и спросил, нет ли воды. У нас ничего не было, Рандо сел в машину и поехал на ближайшую заправку, привез несколько бутылок. Он щедр во всех своих проявлениях. Знаете видео «если бы пятница была человеком»? это немножко о нем.

Сказал, что его активность далеко не всем нравится, из-за нее он потерял часть друзей. В то же время у него появились последователи: на днях в Берлин приехали две девушки из Англии, чтобы помочь в свое свободное время. Берлин они выбрали по информации от Рандо: он создал в фейсбуке группу One Human Race, где рассказывает о проблеме беженцев и об оказанной помощи.

В прошлое воскресенье Рандо опять приехал на два дня в Берлин, помогал в общежитии для беженцев в аэропорту Темпельхоф и две ночи подряд у ЛаГеЗо.

Во вторник он улетел, но обещал вернуться smile emoticon

Дальше пара фотографий с Рандо, а потом пара фотографий, сделанных им.

Rando Wagner. Come voluntarity and did not expect that you’ll be next to the man who came for two days from London. Here, said he decided to help here until the morning. Tomorrow I’m leaving. From London, he didn’t come here for a reason, and with a truckload of clothes and other things for the refugees, who were placed in the former tempelhof airport.
Rando – the German, many years living in England. In England, the refugees, no, no, no, but the stories and conversations that’s enough. The English had a reaction to the current crisis are different, of course, as in Germany. Rando wrote in his facebook that organizes the assistance to the refugees, and in three days, he cited a couple of thousand pounds. The money continues to receive, people want to help. Rando collects donations and on the way over there, where the need help.
He was twice in Greece at lesbose, where are the inflatable boats arrive refugees; he helped in Serbia, transporting people across the border. If on Television, as refugees are coming kilometrovymi columns? That’s one of those columns rango took in the car of women with children, the sick, the damaged. Asked: how many border guards to move in the car across the border? He replied: how much will you take. Sometimes vmeshchalosʹ on nine people.
To Berlin, he gathered the truck things, among which – in particular – about a thousand scarves from the London Team American Football Team. I mention this because the bright, colorful scarves called the young guys-refugees of particular interest, rando was very pleased. I’m gonna put my picture with these scarves.
He’s got a contagious temperament. He reacts quickly to any request, any chance you could help. In the morning, and when the volunteers with the tea-coffee already gone, one of the refugees came up to us and asked if there was water. We’ve had nothing, rando sat in the car and drove to the nearest gas station, got a few bottles. He is generous in all its manifestations. You know the video “if Friday was a man”? It’s a little bit about him.
He said his activity by far not all like that, because of her he lost part of your friends. At the same time, he had got his followers: the other day in Berlin came two girls from England to help in their free time. Berlin they chose on information from the rando: he created in the facebook group of one human race, where she tells me about the refugee issue and on the assistance provided.
This past Sunday rando again here two days in Berlin, helped in the dorm for the refugees at the airport in tempelhof and two nights in a row I lagezo.
On Tuesday he flew away, but he promised to come back smile emoticon
Next, a couple of photos with the rando, and then a couple of photos, he made.