922159_10151345337037132_1303709604_o (1)In Literary Fiction two writers have dominated my kindle this year so much that making a choice between them was impossible. So instead of a short list and one winner, here are two deserving winners and apologies to everyone else who’s written great literary fiction this year.

“Fatal Eclipse” by Dermot Davis 




A fascinating story that begins unassuming with a wedding scene. When Jonathan hesitates to say his ‘I do’ this starts an examination of his personal issues – by his wife and by a therapist. What follows is a well plotted story that gathers pace nicely and touches on more serious topics, such as mental health issues, thus taking psychological thriller to more than one meaning. B1B+rJ57VOS._UX250_
This is excellently written with a perfect blend of dialogue and narrative to give us insight into the well drawn characters.
There is a therapist in therapy that works very well in the context of the novel; love and commitment issues meet childhood traumas and hidden fears and agendas. Dermot Award
I’ve read other books by Davis before and he is an excellent observer of human beings, their thoughts and mechanisms. Especially when it comes to relationships his words ring true so often, you want to take a pen and make a note for future reference or quotation.
We all have our issues and can experience an eclipse. Davis weaves all of this into an unassuming but ultimately explosive thriller that is extremely rewarding. A highlight of my recent reading list for sure. Nothing short of brilliant. A writer to watch


24619818“Round Robin” by Lesley Hayes is a wonderful read about a ten year old boy, somewhat anxious and fearful when we meet him first and a boy whom you can’t help feel for from page one.
Secrets are revealed, truths need to be confronted, changes are being made and values are being challenged. It’s a tough world sometimes but not everything that changes needs to be bad.
Skilfully plotted and written with great literary quality this is an amazing story that grabs you from the beginning. The characters and their stories stayed with me for a long time and I found a lot of fantastic quotes at the end of the book that I want to remember.Lesley Award
A thoughtful and entertaining read with some beautiful messages and values and such great feel to it – even when the going gets tough. Excellent.


Lesley Hayes