922159_10151345337037132_1303709604_o (1)The Award Season here on my blog continues with another bunch of amazing books.


The Award for Best Horror goes to Nico Laeser for “Harmonic: Resonance” 

41PvxLcW9GL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_“Harmonic Resonance” starts with a sense of urgency that never leaves the reader. It is narrated by a young woman who, since an accident, is restricted in her movements. You feel sorry for her, she has lost her mother in that accident and her father recently, too.Nico award
But this novel is not about her accident and family problems. They make for a unique and powerful starting point and her the woman a voice that you want to listen to and one that you care for. What happens in the book, however, is painted in a dark of a different shade, with demonic creatures and a battle for Earth.
The point of view really gets to you. Expertly written this is a dark and gripping read that left my pulse pumping. Very good.


27402729The Award for Best Comedy goes to Anna Celeste Burke for “Cowabunga Christmas: Corsario Cove Cozy Mystery #1”.

Cowabunga Christmas  is a wonderful cosy mystery. I love that the new series is so distinctly different from the previous one, even though there are links to the old one via the characters. The new protagonists have a different approach to their hobby investigation that steps in where the detective falls short.Anna Award
This has a wonderful exotic location – I would love to spend my honeymoon or xmas in a place like Corsario’s Cave – only minus the criminals of course.
Burke’s writing style is pleasant and easy with great one liners and sharp observations about human nature. Action, humour and suspense combine to a lovely and gripping novel. Must read for fans of the genre.

22741541The Award for Best Adventure Novel goes to: “Amie: An African Adventure” by Lucinda E Clarke . This is a powerful and intriguing story about a European woman who comes to live in an African Country. Cultural clash and assimilation, expected and unexpected experiences as ex-pat, colonialism, politics and many more issues are touched upon by an author who knows the continent well.
Lucinda AwardHaving travelled extensively through Africa the book hit home for me on many levels and I applaud the author for her sensitive and reflective portrayal of all that is good and bad.
The character of Amie is instantly likeable and well chosen as narrator. The plot is solid and gripping. Very recommendable.

25442729Best book of 2015 goes to “Little Big Boy” by Max Powers:

Through the voice of a child, Little Big Boy (LBB), this book is narrated and one has the feel throughout the read as if they are listening to a good bedtime tale or a weaving of story at a storytelling festival. There is innocence to the protagonist as we venture into his life and meet his mam, siblings, father (who drinks), extended family and school encounters.

What starts out in a sweet narration with flashbacks to recalled memories an intimacy with LBB is created when we remember along with him a forgotten birthday, losing his baby sister, Lo-Lo, at The Elephant market, and how he protested his Aunt Minnie’s teasing. We instantly like and adopt this character into our heart and feel the pain as the story progresses and turns dark with his father’s alcoholism and bullying. But there is redemption in a mother’s love that plants seeds of confidence in LBB. She’s a beaut with lines like, “Tears are only there to wash away the sadness.” To which he narrates, “Mam was always my savior… I loved talking to Mam…” It was the haven in this relationship that makes the darker shadow parts bearable for LBB.Max Award

I have to wonder if this is an autobiographical fictionalized story for this author. It reads that personal. But that’s the wisdom and talent of an experienced writer, to make you believe in the possibility of reality in fictionalized prose.