22358764“Neither Here Nor There” by Miriam Drori is a marvellous book. From the beginning you feel for the protagonist, a young woman determined to leave her orthodox community and try to make it on her own.
It is a big step for the young woman in Jerusalem. Her point of view relates that easily, I felt I knew her and her problem immediately. The familiarity to the main character is fostered with the many examples of how life changes for her. We follow her as she transforms and moves on in her life.
The other perspective is that of Mark, a British man in Jerusalem who sees her for the first time in the post office where she makes the all important phone call.
This is a sensitively written novel with a lot of great observations about human nature and the specific location. Drori toes the line between stereotypes and individuality remarkably well. Not as predictable as I had expected, this proved to be a real treat.
Highly recommended.

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Miriam Drori took up creative writing late in life following careers in computer programming and technical writing. Her ambition is to use her writing to raise awareness of the widespread but little-known disorder called social anxiety. Born and raised in London, Miriam now lives in Jerusalem with her husband and three grown-up children.