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12278763_10153129310976035_2121543993755429732_nThe second Berlin Airlift by my friend Rando Wagner and his astonishing Gofundme Campaign HumansAsOne has happened last week.

Your money was spent in parts to send over 1000kg of urgently needed clothes and goods (all donated by UK residents) to Berlin. Thousands of refugees are currently living in the unused Berlin Airport Tempelhof and much of their welfare is left to volunteers and donations. Rando’s campaign is part of this support network.

Van ready to go to Berlin with just over 1000kgs of donated clothing! Thanks for all your help Raz Hussain! Safe journey and see you there on Thursday!

Van ready to go to Berlin with just over 1000kgs of donated clothing! Thanks for all your help Raz Hussain!


The remainder of the money went on groceries for the refugees

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Direct delivery to the kitchen




















Here is more from Rando himself:

“First I thought I was hardening up seeing human suffering, but then I realised that Tempelhof Airport shelter had vastly improved and even though the situation overnight helping out at the reception centre is far from perfect, there are large heated tents now, 3 large comfortable buses with bathrooms and a local mosque hired a sportshall where up to 100 refugees can sleep. Luckily, a far cry from Lesvos and Serbia.
The centre opens at 4am and many wait outside to get inline!

The 200 NFL scarves ( Sarah) were gone in minutes! So did 2 boxes of Farah’s sweets!


Basically, even though the locals don’t think the City’s senate is doing enough, Malika and I pointed out that compared to London or Paris, Berlin is definitely on the right side of history, let’s hope very soon the others will follow!

There were a lot of young guys, and even though I spoke in English, they all, answered Danke, Schal ( scarf) bitte, etc…..and once again no IS fliers!

I will be back in Berlin next from the 20-23″



From another volunteer in Berlin:

“First time I’ve visited Germany today and I must say great first impressions. Berlin & Leipzig both providing warm buildings to accommodate refugees. Compared to other Europeans countries I’ve seen so far these guys are by far doing their bit for the refugees. Thank you Rando for giving me this opportunity to come here to deliver your donations. Great to meet Malaika and the volunteers at the Camp in Berlin. Unfortunately photography wasn’t allowed in the camp but to sum it up its better than anything I have seen so far in regards to housing refugees. Now onto meeting the family I met in Greece who are in a camp in Leipzig, will be posting pics with them tomorrow. 🙏🏾 ‪#‎unity‬ ‪#‎humanity‬ ‪#‎supporteefugees‬ ”

NB: The government does not provide the urgently needed winter clothes, blankets and many other items needed for basic survival, so your donations are still urgently needed. 

Here’s a killer-update from our Amazon donation wish list for newly arrived refugees in Berlin:
Within 25 days we received donations valued over 10.000 EURO!!!

This week we also received a ton (1.000kg) of donations from Rando Wagner and his group ONE HUMAN RACE. Thanks to Kayra Martinez I connected with Christelle Flattot from Refugees Aid Barcelona and secured a 7.5 ton truck with winter clothes for the Berlin shelters (we would need financial support for further tours). Then I managed to secure another 7.5 ton truck with donations from the reBuy.de & Hermes Paketdienst charity drive which will arrive on December 22nd.

If you would like to help, please like this post (for more visibility) and share our Amazon wish lists in your social network:
‪#‎Großbeerenstraße‬ : http://amzn.to/1N8jdVr
‪#‎THF‬ / Berliner Unterkünfte allgemein: http://amzn.to/21bizRh

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