25935815 (1)“Malin and the Wolf Children” by Skadi Winter is a heart-breaking and heart-warming story, both tragic and hopeful. It begins with Malin’s account of her rape and the terrors of the Russian take-over of her village in Nazi Germany during Winter 1945. The book then follows her escape into the forest and the subsequent journey to safety. Along the way she meets the Wolf Children, German orphans who live in the forest, and Lubina. I had heard about these children in some literature about the era but never read anything more in detail. I was delighted to find Skadi Winter’s book and found her account of the group and their survival against the odds one of the most rewarding parts of the book. Malin is a protagonist that is hard to dislike; innocent and sweet, she shows goodness in the face of adversity. The author also brings in some mythology that I found particularly fascinating. Some of this I remember from being a child in Germany but never with such wonderful explanations. There are some excellent thoughts about the world we live in. This is a gripping and powerful read, made particularly so by the narrative of a girl, which contrasts the harsh reality of those days. For me the book was a revelation; for anyone with interest in the history of those days this is a must read. Anyone who has a heart will love this.


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On December 12th Skadi, Elisabeth Marrion, DJ kelly and I will be four of the ten guest exhibitors at the Kensington Christmas Book Fair.



KENSINGTON CHRISTMAS BOOK FAIRI am delighted to announce that on

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