These are the words from one man in Syria, who has something important to say. Please forgive my excursion into politics. I know this is a book blog and I will stick to that for 98% of my posts. This is, however very important reading (fully unedited).

“I‘m Mohammed from Syria daraa.
I’m of free Syrian army
I fighting against isis(deash) and against Assad
Assad and Daesh kill people here
But if Assad go
Daesh will go

We can make the end of Daesh
But we need make Assad go first.
If America make Assad go
We will fight against Daesh for free Syria

The Assad kill us and kill people every day
Army Assad don’t have mercy or humanity

All world stand by Assad.
But we as free Syrian army
We won’t give up till make Assad go then we will have time for fight against Daesh

I want say truth but no one believe it
Daesh made by Assad to make tv world forget what Assad doing and make media look at Daesh

We don’t know how make Assad kill people and children and woman’s .
We fighting for our people living in peace

World need help us or Assad will stay support Daesh

I’m have shoot in my leg yesterday
And no good hospital here
Half people die because no medicine here or good hospital air Russia hit hospitals here. 
And if we want go to Jordan for enter hospital
Army Jordan no let us enter and sometimes they kill anyone have shoot on borders because they hate Syrians peopleWe need Jordan open borders for Syrians can enter Jordan for hospital or for go away from way.

People need get out Syria
Jordan no open borders

And for way
We don’t need any army Europeans or Arabic to enter Syria. 
We only want support and will make the end of Assad and Daesh.
We fighting on two fronts one against Assad and one against Daesh.
And we always win
So how if world support us?
Will make Syria free in little time”12291150_10153136149241035_4294503515149172843_o

A reply from the person who spoke to Mohammed:

“The U.K. Parliament will vote this week whether to take part in bombing Syria.
I believe that they have made a Pact with Russia, they fight Daesh together and Assad can stay, so no war with Russia, and The US and Europe doesn’t loose faith!
Turkey wants Assad to go, and is your only ally, they shot the Russia aircraft down as a warning shot to The west and Russia!

I will spread the word, and do my best to support your people! I am sending a lorry full of donations to Berlin next week!
The U.K. Needs to open its borders and France too, to all refugees from Syria!
To help Germany and Sweden, otherwise facists will come to power again and war will spread to Europe!
Amen, in shallah, shalom… We need to be one human race!!! Otherwise there will never be piece”
NB: I don’t know about the connection between IS and Assad but I know that Assad shoots at his own people.

The bombing of Syria from the UK has begun yesterday. We’re killing innocent people, just so that we can tell ourselves that we have done at least something. 12208626_10153176198846641_7816030940353918374_n
Sadly, in the case of many supporters of the air strikes, this is done so that they can justify their heartless position not to let any refugees in, not even temporarily until the war is over.
Bombing is not the answer to the problem, it only drives more people out of their country.Kurds are also good at fighting IS but supporting them goes against Turkey’s interest who deny the Kurds the freedom of self-determination. 12295358_10153140644126035_6767368502049437137_nI don’t have the answer for the conflict but I feel strongly that the air strikes are not the answer either and will bring loss of innocent lives.
What is happening is our problem as one human race.


If you want to do anything in the meantime, try to help those on the road. https://www.gofundme.com/humansasone

My friend Rando Wagner’s hands-on humanitarian work for the refugees in Europe goes on. To catch up, read my article about his gofundme page

12271205_10153124241826035_1547184021_oHe keeps collecting clothes and anything that the refugees can use, from toothbrushes to socks and other supplies and then sends them over to Germany in the “Berlin Air Bridge 2015” side of his activities. He also keeps flying to Lesbos at other times to help more hands on. Supporting his campaign is money well spent. No overhead costs, everything is transparent and your money goes directly to the refugees. 


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