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51u9xj2XdEL._SY426_BO1,204,203,200_Breaking News: A 6-pack of Mysteries for the Holidays:

Operation Alpha Dog has been released!

Operation Alpha Dog, A 6-pack of Jonathon Stone Mystery Short Stories by James Moushon – Mystery, Murder, Intrigue and Espionage

Again we catch up with CIA Agent Jonathon Stone in collection of his latest adventures. We follow Jonathon as he moves from trying to catch gun runners to solving a terrorist plot in the Los Angeles Harbor to an assassination in Palm Springs to stopping a NSA leak of information. 

James is a tireless supporter of other writers. Please spread the word.

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James Moushon is a Mystery writer and a published writer in the electronic document field.

Starting over 15 years ago, he helped lead the startup of the electronic forms industry in the creation, conversion and usage of electronic forms by supplying that industry with a continuing source of published literature, software products and training seminars.

In 2003, Moushon changed his focus to ebooks and their development.

He is the author of the Jonathon Stone Mystery Novels. He has published three books: ‘Call Off the Dogs’, ‘Black Mountain Secrets’ and ‘Game of Fire’.

He is currently wearing Three Hats. He is a mystery writer, book publishing blogger and a computer consultant. You can find his blogs at:

HBS Author’s Spotlight http://bit.ly/QVEMix
The blog’s purpose is to help authors get exposure in the book publishing industry. He has interviewed and showcased over 450 authors to date.

HBS Mystery Reader’s Circle http://bit.ly/19Nfrx8
The HBS Mystery Reader’s Circle provides information about the latest novels and what is coming next from a collection of Bestselling and Outstanding Authors in the Mystery, Thrillers, Historical Fiction and Crime genre.

eBook Author’s Corner http://bit.ly/TauYkJ
The Corner is a collection of Author advice and studies including Marketing, Social Media and other major topics created to help writers in today’s ever changing world of book publishing.

He has spent the majority of his adult life developing computer systems and thinking about writing mysteries.

His website is: www.jamesmoushon.com

To contact him e-mail: james.moushon@gmail.com

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Operation Alpha Dog x James Moushon. 6-pack of complete Short Stories Downloads/Reviews needed now only 99 cents http://amzn.to/21aQr0K #RT

A purchase would be GREAT – a purchase and a review would be DOUBLE GREAT.

The price is right. Enjoy the Mystery and Espionage.

Have a happy holiday.